Are you fond of shopping in the web?
Are you interested in goods from US online shops?
Are you attracted with low prices and decent quality?
Facing certain difficulties during web shopping in USA?

Our company to appear your reliable partner in solving any questions while making purchasings online and delivering goods you bought to desired address.

We are not the first but we are the best!


We offer and guarantee the fastest methods of delivery of parcel to Ukraine, Russia, and 26 other countries:

Shipping via AIR starts at 4 business days*
Shipping via sea starts at 35 business days**
Shipping via express-sea starts at 25 days**

Delivery of goods from USA stores


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*Shipping information is provided as soon as the order is shipped from our warehouse. The departing date of the order is also included in an invoice provided to you.

**Door-to-door delivery is not guaranteed for every country. If you would like to receive more information about door-to-door delivery, please contact our representatives.

By visiting an American online store, you can find an item that speaks to you, eventually finding yourself wanting to purchase it. But, the final deciding factor that you will take into consideration prior to placing the item into your shopping cart will be its low price and exceptional quality. Eventually, you will be ready to purchase the item you fell in love with.

But, one thing is still on your mind: how will you receive this desirable item and how sure can you be that the item you laid your eyes upon online will be the same thing that will arrive to your doorstep? The answer is simple: SADKO-your trustworthy partner!

When you are at check out, and the site asks you to fill in your shipping information, simply put your first and last names, but instead of your home address, write our warehouse’s address. For example:

Ivan Ivanov
27 Poplar Str Ste A
East Rutherford NJ
tel: 1-201-964-0410

We also have a warehouse in Delaware. If you wish to send something to the Delaware warehouse, simply write the following address:

Ivan Ivanov - SADKO
171 Edgemoor Road,
Wilmington, DE 19809
tel: 1-201-964-0410

After you have finalized writing the shipping information, complete your purchase, and your order will be delivered to one of our warehouses in 3-5 business days.

After your order arrives to one of our warehouses, we will carefully repackage it and ship it to your home address or to a post office in your city or town.


AVIA - delivered to every part of Ukraine:

-$5,6/kg (without consolidation and repackaging); the delivery period is within 4-9 business days.

-$6,5/kg (two orders or more, including packaging and consolidation); the the delivery period is within 4-9 business days.

If the package weighs less than 1kg, the minimum cost will be $10.

If the package weighs 1.1kg and more, the minimum cost will be $10.

Express delivery via sea starts at $4/kg, and the delivery period is within 25-28 business days.

The minimum cost of delivery is $15.

Standard delivery via sea starts at $3/kg, and the delivery period is within 35-38 days.

The minimum cost of delivery is $15


STANDARD AVIA - $ 8.12/kg, and the delivery period is within 2-4 weeks.

The minimum weight of the package has to be - 4.5kg (10lbs) -$37.00

SEA- $4.60/kg, and the delivery period is within 10-13 weeks.

Delivery of parcels to the Russian Post in your city-$20.00

Express AVIA delivery starts at $13.00/kg, and the delivery period is within 3 business days.

In Moscow, the delivery is available through a courier service, or through a direct pick-up from the warehouse of one of our partners.

In other regions, delivery via the courier service is available if you wish to purchase the service.

We’ve established our delivery services in 28 countries in both, Western and Eastern Europe.

To find out the cost of delivery in your country, visit our website to use our online calculator located on the main page. Through the calculator, you could choose your preferred method of delivery (AVIA, SEA, Express SEA), your country, the weight of your passage in pounds, as well as your home address to which the package should be delivered to (for many country, providing a home address for delivery purposes is mandatory).

Protecting Your Parcels

Throughout the entire process of shipping your packages, from the consolidation of them through our company to shipping them, we offer an insurance plan that protects your shipments from any damages. But, the insurance plan does not cover packages that were not consolidated by our company. The cost of the insurance plan is based on the cost of the parcel, the country to which the parcel is being shipped to, and is 2.5%-5% of the cost of your order.

Your parcel cannot be insured partially.

If any damage occurs to an insured package, a courier, a representative of a post office, or a representative of a company through which the door-to-door delivery occurred, needs to file a form for further investigation of damages. The form requires reasons for the occurred damages, as well as signatures, last names, and telephone numbers of both, a company representative and a receiver.

Any parcel sent through our company will be automatically insured for $50. In case of a lost package, you will receive $50 as a part of the insurance plan.

You will be reimbursed with the insurance sum in 10 business days.

Parcel Damages

Our company is not responsible for circumstances that could cause any damages to your packages while they are being delivered. We are not responsible for circumstances that we could not have prevented, such as natural causes (hurricanes, snow storms, etc.) We are also not responsible for possible cargo accidents that could happen while en route to deliveries.

Other situations that could damage your packages, but we have no control over are:




-States of war

-Terrorism acts

-Military acts

-Government holidays and laws

In case of possibly damaging circumstances that have been aforementioned, we are obligated to let the receiver know through email and/or a phone call.

Additional Services:

-Providing the address of one of our warehouses-free

-Storage of packages at one of our warehouses for 30 days - free

-Receiving and processing of parcels at our warehouses in New Jersey and Delaware- free

-Consolidation, combination of two or more different orders - $1 per order -Photographing your order in order to check if it arrived in perfect condition-$5 for 3 photographs for 1 tracking number

-To check your package after it arrives to our warehouse - $3 per tracking number

-To check if your item has arrived safely to our warehouse and functions -$5 per one item (turn on/off, look for any damages, take a photo)

-To divide one track into several shipments-$1 per track

-To return your order back to the vendor-$5 per track or $3/kg, if your track weighs more than 1.5kg

-To change delivery methods for a consolidated parcel-$10 per parcel

-Additional wrapping, such as additional bubble wrap or a second layer of wrap- $3 (the amount of extra packaging is decided during consolidation, and is based on the judgement of one of our employees, as well as how much will the parcel itself require)

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us by emailing, or by messaging us on Google Chat. You’re also welcome to contact us through Skype (, from 12:00pm-3:00pm EST, business days only. We respond to emails within 1-2 business days after receiving them.