Any product purchased with us from an American store includes shipping to your address in any city or CIS country (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc.). The fee for our services when purchasing a product in the USA equals 7-10% of the value of the product. Clients who use our services regularly receive a discount, with a fee of only 5%.

Many American online retailers will sell you a product, then turn around and cancel the transaction and shipment. Internet retailers track recipient addresses, and many companies either do not offer international shipping or refuse to conduct transactions via bank cards registered in other countries.

In the end, even when factoring in a small fee for our services, purchasing a high-quality, affordable products with us will be significantly more affordable. And, most importantly, you will be confident that your product will be delivered to your address in a timely manner.

How are products purchased with us?

Based on our extensive experience in providing this service, we have found that the best way to place your order is to send us an email at with a link to an internet retailer and the product you would like to receive along with instructions concerning the transaction.

Once the purchase has been made, we will contact you as soon as the product arrives at our warehouse and provide you with a total price including delivery. Many people are reluctant to make purchases through a middleman or pay extra fees for purchasing goods, but we prefer to see ourselves as your assistants and consultants, always ready to provide you will any necessary information and advice when it comes to selecting, ordering, and receiving the product of your choice.

Congratulations on your decision to make your purchase with us! You deserve a smooth and efficient transaction!