Currently, many online stores in the US avoid taking payments on non-USA residents’ cards. Such measures are taken in order to protect businesses and customers against scammers, the number of which is constantly growing. To overcome this problem, our company provides a service for the purchase of goods from US stores. Redemption is made on the following terms:

At the total amount of a single order from one store:
up to $ 100 - 10%,
from $ 101 to $ 200 - 7%,
оfrom $ 201 - 6%.
The payment for the purchase of goods is made through the payment system, PayPal, by any bank card. The cost of PayPal services is included in the commission for the purchase of goods.

In addition to problems with cards, such conditions also reduce the amount of commissions for direct money transfers to store accounts. Orders with the subject line "Redemption of Orders" can be sent to the following email addresses: or

Placement of requests for redemption of goods is available only to customers of our company. When placing an order in a letter, you must specify a link to the store's website; color, size, price, quantity and other characteristics of the desired product, which allow us to uniquely identify it. After making the purchase, we inform you with the total sum of the order, which you will have to pay. As soon as we receive the order at our warehouse, you will be notified by our information system. Afterwards, the standard process for arranging the delivery of parcels to your address will be completed.