The desire of people to buy goods of great quality at an adequate price point causes them to make purchases in various online stores in the United States. Inevitably, the problem of how to obtain the purchased goods arises: How to organize fast delivery of purchases for the minimum money? The answer is simple: SADKO is your reliable partner.

Using the address of the warehouse of our company, you could make online purchases at any online store in the United States for further delivery to your address in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other CIS countries and Europe. If you would like to see the full list of countries we deliver to, as well as see the shipping prices, proceed to the tab called "rates".

Advantages that our customers receive:

• The cost of delivery by the courier service SADKO will be significantly lower than if you would have requested shipping directly from any online store.

• In comparison to ordering directly from stores, the delivery time is much shorter, and most importantly, you have the ability to choose the delivery method based on your budget.

• Consolidation of parcels from several online orders into one, repacking, using the packing material necessary to protect your goods during the delivery period.

• As a registered customer, you manage all the dispatches from the user’s personal cabinet.

• Additional services provided by our company allow you to get more information about the products you have purchased, and in case you are doubting your purchase, we could return the goods back to the seller.

• You can order a delivery of your parcels to your home address, to your local post office, or using the courier services. (The service of choosing your delivery method is not available for all countries and requires clarification from our representative.)

SADKO Corporation provides services, such as buying, storing, packing, and consolidating (if necessary) of your purchases. After these services, shipping to Ukraine, Russia, or any other 28 countries in our list, happens on the shortest terms of delivery:
By air, which is 3-5 business days
By sea, which starts at 35 days or more
By express sea, which starts at 23 days or more

Delivery times are indicated from the moment the parcel is shipped from SADKO’s warehouse. The date of the shipment is mentioned in the invoice. The delivery service is not available for all countries. The availability of delivery requires clarification from our representative.

The procedure of our client’s actions is simple:

You must be registered in SADKO’s system, after which you could use the address of one of our warehouses as a mailing address, as well as manage your personal cabinet.

When you are making a purchasing online, you simply need to indicate your first and last names, and use SADKO’s address as the mailing address.
For example:

Ivan Ivanov
27 Poplar Str  Ste A
East Rutherford  NJ

If you would like for the order to be delivered to Delaware, use the following address:

Ivan Ivanov - SADKO
171 Edgemoor Road,
Wilmington, DE 19809
tel: 1-201-964-0410

Next, you pay for your purchase in the online store and, within a few days, your purchase will be delivered to one of the selected warehouses of our company.

All shipping tracks that will arrive at our warehouses will be scanned, while the weighing characteristics will be input, and then assigned to the recipient of the parcel. As a customer, you will be able to track the whole process-from us receiving your purchase to the order being sent out to you-by going to your personal cabinet on our website.

If you request any additional services that are provided by our company, they will be completed during the receiving and scanning processes of your orders. Consolidation will occur with the use of appropriate sealing materials or additional means to ensure the safety of your goods.

Once the repacking process is completed, a protective tape is applied on the boxes to protect your packages, and later help you to determine whether or not the parcel was opened during the delivery process in your country. After, the package receives a unique identifier (new tracking number), it is labeled and the declaration of the country of destination is filled out. As a result, the parcel will be delivered to you in the shortest amount of time possible, taking into account all of your instructions, which can be provided through the client’s cabinet for each, individual dispatch.

If you have any questions, you can always email us at:
Or, you could always chat with our representative through Google Chat or Skype (