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After checking and registering your data by an employee of our company, enter your personal account, you will be able to use all the options of an authorized user:

• Insert the expected orders into the preliminary information section (required to be filled in, if this information is not entered, we reserve the right to receive the tracks that arrived to our warehouse within 3 business days). The tracks you entered in the "Preliminary information about parcels" section are automatically distributed to your recipients (if any) and displayed in the section "Parcels arriving at the SADKO warehouse". The tracks that were not included in the "Preliminary information about the parcels" section remain in our database as "unnamed" and will be automatically assigned to you as soon as they are added to the necessary section. If the track is not known to you or the seller has not provided you with any information in regards to the track, please note: we scan the "unnamed" packages once every 10 days for the purpose of detection and their registration with the relevant consignee;

• download invoices to tracks with information about the cost (mandatory for filling out, when sending the following parcels: electronics (laptops, etc.), phones, watches, glasses, jewelry and expensive jewelry);

• consolidate packages and manage shipments. Please note: the formation of the parcel occurs within 24 hours after the filing of the application for consolidation. The period of consolidation of the parcel may be extended due to emergency circumstances, or after the final sales in stores, after which the number of parcels arriving to our warehouse sharply increases;

• Track the status of your parcels and local track numbers to receive them;

• You can specify additional information: packing, repacking, splitting or merging of parcels, removing unneccesary additions, such as: catalogs, brochures, boxes, invoices, price lists, additional packaging;

• under the link MY ACCOUNT (after authorization) you can get acquainted with important messages, changes in the schedule of work, additions and other auxiliary information;

Please be careful and precise when you will be providing information about the items.