($ per 1kg)*
($ per 1kg)*
AZERBAIJAN 9.22 - 200 €
BELARUS 7.46 5.05 150 €
GEORGIA 8.78 - 150 €
KAZAKHSTAN 9.22 7.46 650 €
KYRGYZSTAN 9.22 - 800 $
LATVIA 7.46 4.38 45 €
LITHUANIA 7.46 4.38 45 €
ESTONIA 7.46 - 45 €
MOLDOVA 7.46 4.38 300 €
POLAND 6.60 3.65 45 €
TAJIKISTAN 9.22 - 200 €
UZBEKISTAN 8.12 - 1000 $
RUSSIAN FEDERATION 8.12 4.60 1000 €
UKRAINE 6.50/5.60 3.50/3.00 150 €

*    If your country is not on our list, we are currently expanding. Please follow us as we continue to develop and improve.

**  The table shows the lowest possible shipping price per 1 kg. The parcel parameters (weight / volume) can affect the real value. If the bulk weight of the parcel exceeds the physical weight by 1.5 times, we make an additional charge for the bulk weight: AVIA - $ 1.5 / KG, SEA - $ 1.0 / KG for the difference between the volume and the physical weight. For more information, send us an inquiry at

*** In the abovementioned amount, it is necessary to pay customs duties according to the legislation of the country of destination.

- by air transport from 3 business days,
- by sea transport from 35 days,
- urgent delivery by sea transport (''express-sea'') from 23 days.

If you choose to deliver a parcel to your home address, it will cost an additional amount, starting at $10 per parcel, and it is not available for all countries. If you have any questions, please contact our representative for clarification.

There are restrictions related to the maximum acceptable size of parcels. For more information, send us an inquiry to

Payment for the delivery of goods is made by bank transfer to our company's bank account. In this case, the commission of the bank will be $25.

The main way of payment for our services is through the PayPal payment system. PayPal payment system commission is 4%.

Any additional commissions will be added to the total amount on your invoice. The invoice for your payment for our services will be available to you in your personal account/personal cabinet. You will be able to pay the invoice in your account. Payments must be made within a period of 3 business days. We can guarantee a timely delivery of your goods only in case of a timely payment, according to the invoices issued.